JOHT_ECO_1The environment (and my impact upon it) has always been at the heart of the Harehill Decor ethos.  I have always supported the use, and moral disposal of, the chemicals and products I use to do my work; keeping the rev’s low on the van when traveling to reduce emissions, recycling materials were possible and using products that boast a kinder impact on the environment such as EPG’s Eco paints for instance.

I can now confirm that as of 2015 I will only be using solvent free products to undertake decorative works (unless customer specification dictates otherwise).  There is now a vast array of solvent free equivalents to the older oil based products that we have come to accept as the norm and more and more companies (Farrow & Ball for one) now only supply water based paint.

To find out more on Eco paint see the bottom half of my About Us page.