financesCountless times I have arrived on site to quote for work only to realise that my clients have not set aside enough money to cover a reasonable decorating job to finish off the build.  Sadly, more often than not the decorating part of a build is an oversight, resulting in either a poor DIY job or (haven forbid) dodgy decorators being hired in to throw paint onto the walls on the cheap.  After all; what is the point in committing to a £50k+ bill for quality building to then ruin it with sub-standard workmanship on the part that you actually see?

I’m pretty sure Ferrari don’t compromise on their paintwork… Sorry, silly comparison, best I could do off the top of my head.

Be sure that you check with your architect or builder that the quote provided for your plans include the decoration, or if not, be sure to budget for this in mind with a separate sub-contractor.  Otherwise one the builders have finished screwing your last new doorknob you will be left with bare timber and plaster to look at.  Unless this was the finish you had in mind in which case you could save yourself some money and instead blow it on a nice new TV or a couple of iPad’s.