Farrow & Ball Colour Card

Deciding on colour can be frustrating, but colours play a very important part when designing a room or an exterior.  They can make a room seem bigger or smaller, help you to relax or inspire creativity.  If you are painting an exterior you should consult your local council planning office if you are changing to a different colour as sometimes you will need planning permission to do this.

Giving advice about colours and design can be tricky without looking at your job so why not book a quote with us?  Its free and you are under no obligation.  We can advise you on each aspect of the job including colours and design.  We can also secure materials at trade prices saving you money so getting our help may be cheaper than you think.

If you are going to tackle this on your own, however, then you have a few things to think about.  What are you going to use the room for?  Light and airy colours can make a room appear bigger and brighter.  Darker colours can give a warm and cosy feel to a room but will need a lot of light to avoid turning it into a bat cave.  Depending on your woodwork you could consider using a stain or varnish rather than paint (stains and varnishes bring out the grain of the wood and darken it to a natural colour).  Do you want a feature wall?  Will you be using paint or paper or both?  Papering usually takes longer than painting and is usually more expensive so this is also something to take into account.  Will you need to replace any fixtures or furniture afterwards if you are changing the colour?  We are slowly building a portfolio of inspirational ideas to help you along the way so keep checking back for updates…  Also, interior design magazines are full of great ideas to get the creative juices flowing…