Dianne asks on the Rated People ‘Ask an Expert’ forum…

I want to remove paint from hinges, strike plate and outside of lock (visible along edge of door). Is there a way to do this easily or just better to replace parts?

…we respond with:

Hi Dianne, good question! There are a few ways to remove exiting paint films from metal door furniture. Using a good paint stripper (either brushing on and wire brushing off or submerging loose parts into a tub of solution and leaving to soak in before stripping) would be one way. If you have one; using a high speed drill with a coarse metal buffer drill bit to ‘abrade’ the paint off would be another. I wouldn’t recommend dry scraping or sanding it as this can leave unsightly scratch marks. It really depends on how much pant we are talking about. Try either way and see which works well. In any case replacing the parts will almost certainly give you the best results.