How to Clean Paint Brushes & Rollers

In depth tutorial on how to store brushes and rollers wet so that you can use them again without washing them.  Also, how to thoroughly clean brushes and rollers used in either water based or oil based paint.

Video Contents:

00:00 – Introduction
00:25 – Part One – Storing wet rollers & brushes without cleaning them!
04:46 – Part Two – Cleaning brushes & rollers (water based paint)
17:53 – Part Three – Cleaning & storing oil based brushes


2 Responses to “How to Clean Paint Brushes & Rollers”

  1. Amy Koblenzer

    Hi – thanks for all the advice, but I don’t think you covered how to clean a roller brush that was used in oil paint. I have just put the first coat on a floor and must wait 24 hours for it to dry. I have put it in plastic wrap and hope that will be OK for a day. But afterwards, how should I clean the roller?
    Thank you.


    • Aaron Troughton

      Hi Amy, Thanks for your comment. This is an oversight that I will be adding in a revised version of the video to be uploaded soon. The reason I hadn’t included this in the current tutorial is that it’s not really recommended to try to wash out a roller used in oil based paint. You can’t have white spirit or brush cleaner flowing in the same way that you can with water so you wouldn’t be able to get all of the paint out and allow the roller to dry. Keeping it ‘bagged up’ overnight for use the following day is fine if kept in a cool dry Place but once done with its best to dispose of it responsibly. I would recommend a non expensive roller sleeve to cut down on cost. Hope that helps!



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