Christian asks on the Rated People ‘Ask an Expert’ forum…

How do you remove wallpaper without scratching the paint beneath?

…we respond with:

Hi Christian, tricky job I’m afraid… The answer also depends on the paper but assuming its regular vinyl; steam stripping or chemical stripper usually takes some of the previous paint film off as well as the paper. Pulling off the face of the paper (the patterned layer) dry, and then brush soaking the backing paper 2/3 times with warm soapy water would probably give you the best chance of not damaging your paint surface as sometimes you can simply pull this layer off also, but one or two nicks with the scraper are inevitable. Any damage can always be filled and sanded quite easily. If you happen to have the same tin of paint left over these repairs can always be touched up, however, be prepared to apply a fresh coat as touching up doesn’t always give the best results in these conditions.