paint_brushThere are many reasons why you should hire a decorator to take care of the painting and or wallpapering you have planned.  There are also reasons why you should try to tackle the work yourself.  All of which we will touch on throughout this little article.  Although I am a decorator myself I try to remain un-biased in my advice and opinions, however, I will take this opportunity to apologise in advance if it becomes apparent that I am not sticking to this rule here and there.

So, you want to change the way a room looks?  If you are thinking of hiring professional help but are undecided if this is necessary then your decision should really boil down to one factor: how good do I want it too look? – And – can I achieve this myself?  So let’s assume we want it to look great – as most people would prefer things to look nice given the option – but you are unsure of whether you can do the job.  Most people can paint a wall.  Some can paint a neat line up to an edge (known as ‘cutting in’) and even hang wallpaper straight, but, what condition is the wall in to begin with?  Preparation (in the professional opinion) is the most important part of the work and making the wall right before finishing it is where most professionals spend their time.  Knowing what to do at this stage and how to do it takes time to learn and it takes years of experience to do it well.

If you are new to decorating then you could spend a good few hours laboriously trawling through tutorials and how-to videos after clicking go on a ‘DIY decorating help’ Google search.  This is a good start but it will only get you so far.  Maybe you know a little about preparation and how to finish things off but if we are going for a really decent finish then we need decent equipment.  This can be costly (at the outset) but if you are planning a few jobs around the house it may be worth the extra investment as most DIY tools simply don’t cut the mustard, they can slow you down and can leave unsatisfactory results.

Perhaps you have the right gear and the know-how.  If this is all in place then that’s great, you are halfway to getting some work done.  The only other thing we need in our utility pouch (and perhaps equally, if not more important that the other things) is time.  Will you need to take time away from your main responsibilities (work, family etc.) to make room for decorating and will this put extra strain on your home life?  Is it worth the hassle?   If you have the right tools and know-how then doing it yourself can save money and would be a really rewarding use of your spare time.  But if you want a professional looking job then make sure you plan correctly, use the correct materials and above all enjoy yourself!  Painting should be methodical and therapeutic! Oh and make sure you use the right grade of sandpaper for your surfaces… it will save you a sore elbow.

We have many things to consider here.  If you are still undecided why not call in a professional to give you a quote?  Reputable decorators will do this for free with no obligation (so nothing lost there if you decide not to go ahead) and it may be cheaper than you think.  Our contact details by the way are listed here.  What’s more is that most decorators are happy to give impartial advice if you decide that you want to try it yourself.  But if you do decide to book someone in then the only hassle you will have to endure is deciding on which colour to use…