Michael asks on the Rated People ‘Ask an Expert’ forum…

How do I hang wallpaper around wall mounted light fittings without removing them?

…we respond with:

Hi Michael, This is a tricky one to explain in writing unfortunately. There are one or two techniques depending on the type of fitting and the paper you are using. Generally in either case, assuming your fitting is circular, you need to place your paper over the entire fixture, mark the centre with a pencil and then make a series of radiating cuts from this mark towards the edge of the fitting where it meets the wall (the cuts should have a star or sun-like resemblance). This should then enable you to tuck the paper in against the outer edge of the fitting and trim off the excess with a sharp Stanley knife without tearing the paper. Using two lengths of paper either side of the fixture, cutting around half of the fixture for each piece will make this technique easier if your pattern will allow for it.

This will probably make no sense without seeing the steps for yourself as there are several marks and cuts to make to ensure a tidy job. Your best bet would be to visit YouTube and watch a decorator in action. If your light has protruding features making it difficult to place your paper over it and mark out for cutting you would probably be best to take it off. Hire a qualified electrician if you are unsure of how to do this safely.